Friday, February 26, 2016

Vacation Learning: Colombia #11 Medellín

Just before heading back, we briefly visited the other side of the Arvi park. This eco-park is called Comfama.  We had little time left, and decided to call it a day, and return the next morning.  
Throughout the park little houses called silletas have beautiful gardens on their roofs like the one above.  This "silleta #3" hosted an area for playing board game with friends and/or family. 

We hopped on the tractors/trains to take a scenic drive. 

For those with a need for an adrenaline rush, the park offers extreme sports in the woods.  It is for those who enjoy circuits with ziplines, hanging bridges, rope climbing, and other above the ground obstacles.   Here is a video.

For those with little ones, the views of the park and the hikes in nature are delightful.

This is another one of the "silletas."  Inside we found an art studio. 

We found the jumping cricket area.  Little Guy loved all the little trampolines to bounce around, and pretend to be insects.

Inside "silleta #7," we found a little playground for small children.  

Here is Big Sister climbing a Volcano.

Above, the kids were in a swing like no other.  This swing puts you over the edge! Right next to the fence there is a cliff.  It makes you feel like you are a flying bird. 

Throughout the park there are several slides interestingly called "termites hangouts". 

My kids were happy playing with little pieces of woods, and running through the mazes around the playgrounds. 

Here are their journals recording their favorite part of the day.  Little Guy loved the giant swings; Big Sister loved the volcano, and the flower roofs. 

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