Pen Pals: Amigos por correspondencia

Hello homeschoolers from around the world!

I am wondering if you would be interested in having a pen pal.  Her name is Big Sister, and she is 8 years old.  She loves horses and writing, in fact she wants to become a writer.  She enjoys sharing about her life and asking questions to learn about others.  She enjoys sending post-cards, is prompt to respond to letters, and is always looking to see if the mailman brought her news from her friends.
She is able to correspond with Spanish or English language writers.
Feel free to have mom, or big brother or sister write letters for you if you are not writing yet.  If you are an older child learning Spanish this might be a great way to practice and make it useful.
Let me know if you are interested in becoming a pen pal by writing to us directly at:

Dual Learning Homeschool
PO Box 25
Wasco, IL 60183
Hope to "read" from you!

UPDATE: Little Guy wants to be included too! He will be 7 in March 2017.  He is able to write in Spanish independently, and in English with some spelling help. He loves Legos, and insects of all kinds.

Thank you for the letters we have received.  Big Girl is loving the experience, and can't wait to learn about all her penpals.

Tips for finding snail mail pen pals for your children and/or students:

  1. Unless you are in a school building, GET a P.O. Box at a post office. (safety first! I do not recommend giving out your home address).  Our postal mail box is under the name: Dual Learning Homeschool.
  2. Write tons of letters!  and reply to letters as quickly as possible.  Snail mail takes a long time! If you take too long to write back, your pen friend might think you are no longer interested.
  3. Keep it simply.  Write letters, draw pictures, and share about your life.  If you start sending presents it can be costly, and it might make you wait before sending a reply.  Pictures are great, but why wait to get them developed? Simply print them at home on regular paper.
  4. is up and running again!  It is a free site to meet others interested in exchanging letters. 

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