Monday, February 12, 2018

Vacation Learning: Maui #11

First, we stopped on the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge. We were able to see interesting birds and insects right next to the boardwalks.

Since we had packed lunch, we decided to return to Big Beach. Note: It is an undeveloped area, hence bring everything with you.   We visited earlier but the water was too rough to get in.  On this occasion, it was simply perfect. Waves were minimal, and the water was absolutely clear.   It felt almost like a pool.  A very kind lady let the kids use her boogie board to play with.  
I wanted to add that Big Beach can be a very dangerous place.  Lots of people get hurt and there has been shark sightings, and attacks too! If you are visiting, please make sure you: talk to the lifeguards, watch the waves, and  never turn your back to them. Be careful, and like us, chose to enjoy the sand and watch for dolphins or whales when the sea is rough.  

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