Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Vacation Learning: Medellín, Colombia #6

The next day we went back to Arví park (Click here for our visit in 2016).  I am pretty sure we will be back there every time we visit Medellín.  My nephew had never visited before, and we all loved the opportunity for the three kids to explore it together.
By far, their favorite part was the archaeologist activity. They had to find, dig out, clean, and write about artifacts hidden in the dirt.  The guide explained the grid markings on the ground and gave each kid the appropriate tools, vest and hat to play their part.  

Big Sister was old enough to participate in her first circuit of zip lining adventures. 

We also explored the parks, and visited the art studio. 

When we entered the park we took the first picture.  The gentleman was starting to decorate for an Easter parade.  The second picture was upon our departure with the cross finished. 

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