Thursday, July 20, 2017

Vacation Learning: Summer road trip 2017 #8

We made it to Custer State Park! This park was amazing! I seriously don't have other words for it.  Our plan was to stay three nights/four days at Legion Lake Campground. We ended up adding an extra night at Center too. 

Our first activity was to go on a scavenger hunt with "Scatman" Ranger Andrew.   He gave a wonderful presentation regarding wild animal scat. We learn to look for clues telling us about the animal diet, and location.
 Then, we headed to wildlife road and saw our first pronghorn pictured above.  On the road, besides the pronghorns, we saw deer, bison, and donkeys.

That afternoon we hiked most of the Prairie Trail.  We were unable to finish it because we met about 30 wild bison on our path and decided to give them their space. Regardless, we had stopped at a trail Challenge box, got our card, and our first stamp.

After dinner, the kids worked on the Custer Park Junior Ranger booklet.  Technically, Little Guy is too young for it, but he was up for the extra work. 
Later, we attended Ranger Pam evening presentation at Game Lodge campground. She properly introduced us to the Custer Park trail challenged.  There are 8 easy to strenuous trails ranging from a mile to a bit over 3. The goal is to hike all of them and collect the stamp located in a box at about half  way of the trail loop, or at the end of the one-way trail. We were encouraged! My kids said: "let's do it!"  Luckily we had already gotten a stamp that morning.  We only needed 7 more. 

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