Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vacation Learning: Summer road trip 2017 #10

The next day we continued with our trail challenge.  We went to Sylvan Lake and hiked down a waterfall in the Sunday Gulch Trail.  It was the most difficult, and, according to my kids, the best hike in the park.  Boulders on our way, and railings to help us jump gave the extra excitement needed for this long hike.  My tip to you: start to your right. Go down the dried up waterfall first. 

Our afternoon hike was along Little Devil's tower.  We were completely lost! I was told to follow the blue signs.  Instead, I followed the trees marked with blue spray paint.  It turned out those trees were marked to be cut down not as trail markers.  We ended up at the Poet's table, a spot for backpackers.  We finally found our way back, and made it to our destination.  On our way we had to wait for a very long time for two mule deer to move out of the trail.  Those antlers were something we didn't want to mess with!

On our last day at Custer State Park we did two more hikes to complete the challenge: Cathedral Spires, and Lover's Leap.  The last one was my kids' least favorite.  By then it was getting pretty hot.  We also were told from incoming hikers of a scary sized snakes spotted by a creek.  We were checking every creek on our way back.  My tip: use long pants.  There was a ton of poison ivy on the last section of the trail.
When we finished, we turned in their Junior Ranger Booklets and received a patch.  Then, we turned in our card with the stamps of all the trails and the rangers were impressed. Luckily our presenter, Ranger Pam, who encouraged and challenged us, was present at the education center.  She was very proud of us! The kids received a pin that reads: "I survived the Custer State Park Trail Challenge." 

Trail challenge stamp cards

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