Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Vacation Learning: Dominican Republic # 9

Here is my last post from the Dominican Republic.  The pictures are from the Punta Cana airport. It has two cute play areas for kids to run around, and musicians to play for you as you board your plane.
  My last 3 thoughts: 
1. The best part of the Dominican Republic is by far its awesome people.  It was a great pleasure to get to know them, and to this day, be able to keep in touch with one of them.  The people we met were hardworking, friendly, honest, and extremely helpful. Everyone from the shuttle driver, the housekeeper, the police officers, the museum guides, etc. They simply took me by surprised with their kindness, and genuine love for children.  
2. The Dominican Republic is so much more than All-inclusives! If you go there, please venture out. 
3. The local food is delicious. I loved tostones, empanadas, and sancocho. It remind me of my homeland. 

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