Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Learning Space

Besides sharing about our insect unit, I will also like to share an update of our learning space.  It was moved again! This is the third and hopefully last move.  Our 1979 house had a very dark and lightless living room, and dinning room.  We never used them (except for running around).  I had saved for a while to get a window installed on the south wall. My plan was to use both rooms to create an spacious learning environment.  I can't wait to share it with you. 
Having the new learning space available has come with its cons and pros.  It's cons: it is hard to have playdates (specially if they have little ones who think it is a play room). It's pro:  The proximity to the kitchen has made it wonderful for me to prepare lunch, and clean breakfast dishes while still helping the kids.  It has also given the kids more independence. They truly love it, and want to be there.  It is not for everyone, but it definitely is a great fit for our family.

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  1. Que emoción!!! no puedo esperar a ver como queda!!!! Cuando vienes!??


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