Thursday, December 29, 2016

insect 2 #8

In this post, I will share the next stage of the mealworm cycle.  This is the beetle stage.  It was a lot of fun to see the kids discover their beetles.  I need to clarify that I have been an observer in the whole process, and they truly had no idea what was going to happen.  When they found the pupas moving and changing, they were not sure of their future.  As the new creature emerged, after undergoing the amazing metamorphosis, my kids were convinced that we had lighting bugs! The color of the new beettle is very pale with a hint of brown on their head. I didn't correct them.  I encouraged them to write their findings, and to continue to observe them. 
The kids decided to removed all the pupas from their mealworm habitat, and transfer them to an empty container. They understood by this time that pupas didn't eat.  They wanted to separate them to see their transformation. 

Here is a picture of some of their writing.  Although we talked, and they wrote about it in Spanish, it was a great joy to hear them share the news with their dad in English. 

The next day, the new beetles had changed their color.  Some turned brown, others turned black. These are amazing creatures to study.  They are very friendly, and clean.  They do not bite, or try to escape.  Finally, they are super easy to take care of, and since their habitat is made out of oats and grains, they smell great. 

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