Thursday, December 29, 2016

Insect 2 #5

Above, the kids were observing the mealworms. We tried to measure and record their growth.

 By this time, one of Big Sister's mealworm had transformed into a pupa.  Since I didn't say a word before hand, the kids thought it had died.  Looking at it with a magnifying lens, and even the microscope, they noted certain features unique to this stage of their life.  Finally, as we moved the pupa to another container, it moved.  This was clue enough for them to know that it was still alive!

After they agreed that it was not dead, I show them a picture of the third stage of the mealworm life cycle. They recorded their observations. 

The caterpillars kept on growing and eating and changing.  We observed more hairs, change in color, and silk around their cup. 

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