Thursday, November 10, 2016

We Need to Talk About it!

Donald Trump will be president.  We need to talk about it.
Today as we visited my kids' pediatrician, My son blurted out: "Did you vote for Trump or Hillary?"  She is a wonderful doctor and has taken care of my two kids for many years.  I was embarrassed by my son's question and quickly changed the subject.
I started to think about it more.  What if she had said she voted for Trump? How do I explain to my child that she is still caring and loving?

My answer immediately was WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT!

I need to talk about it with my kids.  I need to talk about it with other adults.  I need to talk about it with Trump voters.

I need to learn why others voted for him. I need for them to tell me that, as a Hispanic immigrant, I am welcome here. I need them to say that they do not believe all Muslims are bad people, and that women are more than a number in the beauty scale.

I will have those conversations.


  1. I feel your pain. I felt such grief when the majority of my country voted to leave the EU earlier this year. I was reeling in shock for a long time. Sending love and healing thoughts.

    1. Thank you Lucinda. Your empathy means a lot to me. I was also shocked when I found out about the UK leaving the EU. I saw the numbers and the 52% (leave)vs 48% (stay) difference makes it difficult to accept.

    2. There is a Sikh family, a Pakistani Muslim doctor's, a Buddhist one, several Mexican Catholics, and a white American Catholic engineer/teacher family, and Blond American Lutherans, and atheists on my block, that I meet when I'm walking on my one block. It's not Sesame Street, but that is from Arab tale,no? Abrete sesamo dijo Ali Baba. These are the people in your neighborhood. Not Archie Bunker, the racist. Us, the diversity of peoples. A stranger stalled on OUR block; we all came out to help. The Dalia Lama said not to fear, I paraphrase.


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