Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Home Learning: Rocks #9

After learning about rocks, from boulders to particles of clay, we decided to take a closer look around our house and search for anything we could find made out of rocks.  
Here is what we found:
Gravel: shower floor.                                                       Granite sink

Sand: globes, timer, and sand letters

Clay: souvenir bus from our trip to MedellĂ­n 

Tiles in the bathroom

A trophy made out of rock!

Bricks in the chimney

Rock steps in the front of our house

stone bricks in our retaining wall

Clay table, chairs, and pot from our fairy garden

Cement in the foundations of the house

rocks in the driveway

rock mixture in our neighbor´s gargoyle.

The kids ran around looking for things made of rocks, clay, and sand.  They even made a list of their findings. We learned about how people use rocks  as natural resources to construct objects and make useful materials. 


  1. What a creative idea for a treasure hunt! :)

  2. Thanks Lucinda! I was surprised when Big Sister told me about the trophy. I didn't even think about it. Just a few days ago, they pointed out that cemeteries have a lot of rocks!!! The were talking about grave markers =O


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