Thursday, October 6, 2016

Home Learning: Rocks #6

Time keeps on flying by! I will eventually finish posting all the pictures from our rock unit. 
Above, Little Guy looking at sand.

We took the learning to our deck.  I am already missing those nice warm days. 

Since the kids loved separating the rocks by size, we repeated the experiment. 

This time, we used a worksheet to record our findings. 

This sheet was neat because of the square sizes under the big circles. The first square, under the word arena, only fit small rocks from sand. The second square (the one Little Guy is using) fit up to gravel-size rocks.  The last square was huge.  We used it to see how big a pebble could be. 

I am sharing some math we are working on. I used a set of stamps to make combinations of coins for nickles and dimes. It the end, Little Guy was very interested in the name of the presidents. He has been chanting: Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Washington for the penny, nickle, dime, and quarter. 

See the boy reading under the table, and the kind sister keeping her feet away from him?

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