Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Home Learning: Rocks #4

My kids like cramped places to read.  Anything that resembles a fort, or gives them privacy will do.  Little Guy is on a corner under the Montessori bead chains. Big Sister is under the tables, between their rolling carts. 

For our rock unit, we simply observed and classified the rocks they gathered during our trip.  I have to add that if it was up to my children, we would have returned with giant piles of rocks. Instead, I show them the signs asking tourist to not remove the rocks from the national lakeshore.  Regardless of my pure intentions, they found rocks elsewhere.  Most of them came from the Munising Tourist Campground.  It is not located inside the park, hence it was OK to collect a few. I limited a sandwich bag of rocks for each child. 

Big Sister was making categories to group her rocks.

The kids used hand lenses, microscope, and even a balance to explore their rocks

The kids are using the Montessori Pink reading series.  It is not to help them to read, it is more to help them spell.  They enjoy playing with the little objects and doing their best handwriting efforts.

I have been reading their English writing lately. I personally strugle with spelling.  I honestly lack confidence to help my children in this area.  But, when I see my kids writing alicchranix for electronics, I know that I need to help them be able to communicate their thoughs.  I am trying to figure out the best way to do it.  For now, I am going to go back to basics, and stick to the Montessori materials that I already have. The pink series can be found at the Helpful Garden
To see our rock unit:


  1. Hi! I'm loving catching up with all your posts. Sometimes I wish I could be in your homeschool. It looks so peaceful and orderly compared with ours. 😂 My kids do like collecting rocks too, though. My husband visited our beach house yesterday for the last time this season. He quietly 'repatriated' a lot of rocks that had migrated up to the house from the beach. And plenty of sticks that had made their way into my son's bedroom, too! I'm sure they will begin making their way back up again next spring.

    1. Hi Lucinda,
      It is nice to read from you! I would love to have you over anytime. I have so many questions to ask you!
      Thank you for the compliment. We work hard to keep the learning room open, and peaceful. We are actually waiting to get a window installed downstairs to move the learning room. We are already running out of space where it is currently located. We hope to move the rooms around thanksgiving time.


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