Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Home Learning: Rocks #2

We read the book Peter and the Rocks by Lawrence F. Lowery.  It is published and sold by Delta Education. It is the story of a little boy who finds a rock, and decides to start learning about them.  He becomes fascinated and plans to become a geologist.  With its funny twisted ending, this book shows how anything can become worthy of a child's interest.
Above the kids were learning, and writing about the names of the rocks.

In the book, Peter likes the wet river rocks the most.  We went ahead and got our rocks wet too. We wanted to see what happened when they were put in water.

The kids got to brush/clean the rocks.

A drop of water on a reddish scoria rock. The water was absorbed. 

A drop of water on a light-colored tuff rock. It changed the color of the rock

A drop of water on a dark basalt.  The water made it become shiny like glass. 

Big Sister brushing the tuff rock to reveal lines, and different tones. 

Little Guy was trying to use our diamond tip pen to write on the rocks. 

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