Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Home Learning: Rocks #1

Besides hitting the road with the RV, we have tried to continue to journal, and read through the summer.  Some days it works better than others. 
Both my kids are interested in rocks, and to be honest, I know very little about them.   I am grateful to be able to find a whole hands-on unit from the FOSS program.  I love using their investigations because I can pick the language I want to use, and because the kids are able to learn by experimenting on their own.
Above, they kids are coloring their learning folder.  We use it to collect words (new vocabulary), notes, pictures, and drawings. 

We had a trial start with a friend, and  after that, the kids were eager to learn. For the first activity, I gave each one six mixed rocks (two scoria, two basalt, and two tuff).  They needed to observe, and feel them.

They also separated them in groups.  We talked about why they separated them in such a way. They talked about color, texture, and additional observations. 

This is not in the FOSS program, but my kids really wanted to know which rock was heavier. 

They used a hand lens and a microscope to take a closer look.

Next, I invited them to rub the rocks together.  This is what my Little Guy tends to do when he finds rocks on his own. I gave each child a piece of white, and black paper to be able to see the dust coming off the rocks. 

They truly enjoyed making and collecting rock dust. We learned a very important lesson, when working with rock dust it is best to wear safety goggles.  

Finally, I printed three sheets to "register" the rocks in our collection.  They wrote what they learned, or thought about each type of rock.  For the rock above, Big Sister wrote that it is brown, it is rough, it has lots of holes, and that it makes a lot of dust. 
They also drew the rock, and rubbed them together to tape a little of the dust to each sheet.

They loved writing about their rocks!

Here you can see their work.

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  1. Saludos!!! por aqui visitando!! me encanta este estudio!! Tengo rocas en agenda!!! Muchas bendiciones en este nuevo año escolar!!! Un abrazo!


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