Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Home Learning: Water #17 Final

"Lo prometido es deuda" A promise becomes a debt.
I typed back in April that I was going to publish two more post about our water unit.  I did the water wheel post, and then... Well, life happened.  The springtime consumed us. Nature called us to be outdoors.  We camped for 11 nights in May! The kids played with their neighbors, we participated in a lot of homeschool gatherings, and my sister and beloved nephew came to visit twice. I kept on planning our  next adventure at night... and I let time go by. But, since I owe this post, here it is! "Más vale tarde que nunca" Better late than never.

For the last experiment, we explored water on two types of earth materials:

Gravel                                                                                   Dirt

First, the kids looked at particles of gravel and dirt under the microscope.  They made their own predictions.

Next, we poured the dirt and gravel in the cups using a coffee filter. Each cup had four holes at the bottom to let water run through. We made sure we had the same weight for both. They soon figured out that a bigger volume of dirt was equal to a small volume of gravel. 

We placed a bigger cup underneath to collect the water that was not going to be absorbed.  Just in case, we made sure the cups with the coffee filter, and earth materials all weight the same before adding the same amount of water.

The kids added 50 ml to each cup. 

We waited until the water stopped dripping and placed the cups with the water absorbed  by the earth materials on the balance.  The dirt cup was heavier.  We learned that dirt absorbed more water.

Then, they measured how much water percolated through each earth material.

They found out: 37 ml percolated through gravel, while only 24 ml percolated through dirt.

We left the cups on the balance.  After a few days, the water had evaporated and both earth materials went back to having the same weight. 

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