Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Home Learning: Water #14

For this experiment we were figuring out the effect of the surface area on the evaporation's rate. We used four differently shaped containers, and added the same amount of water to each. The containers ranged between approximately 1-4 inches in diameter.  We used a graduated cylinder, a beaker, a dome lid, and a flat lid. 

The kids already knew that water was going to evaporate the fastest when placed next to our sunny window.  They made predictions of which container would have the most water evaporate.

Two days later we checked to see what had happened. Inside the graduated cylinder, we noticed that it only had 23ml instead of the original 25ml. We wrote our observation down. We disregard the water, and used the cylinder to measure all the other water quantities. 

In the beaker, we found 11 ml.  In the dome lid we found 1 ml.  In the flat lid all the water had evaporated. 

We used our Montessori beads to compared how much water we had at the beginning (25ml), and how much water we had after the two days.  We were able to come out with how much water had evaporated.   Finally, we used the wooden numbers to rank the evaporation.
We compared our findings to our prediction.  Big Sister was right! When I asked her why it happened, she told me: "in the flat lid the water touched the air the most"

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