Monday, April 11, 2016

Home Learning: Water #12

Last week was very busy. My friend came with her two children from Kentucky.  We had a 4, 5, 6, and 7 year old under our roof.  It was a total blast! The kids have gotten older, and are learning to play together.  They loved creating things with Legos, and just running around in the house (it was too cold to play outside).  We miss them already, and hope to visit them in the early fall. 

During the week we only did experiments on Monday, and Tuesday. We were discovering water's evaporation. 

First, each one of the kids soaked a paper towel, and placed it in a cup. We compared their weights and added a bit of water to make them equal. 

Next, Little Guy covered one of the cups with a lid, and Big Sister placed the other lid under the other cup to make sure they still had the same weight. 

We left the balanced, cups, lids, and water in the learning space overnight.

The next day, we observed what happened.  The balance had tipped toward one side.  The paper towel inside the cup with the lid under became dry and light.  The other paper towel was soaked in water and heavy.

They took the paper towel out, felt how dry or wet it was, and even try to get some water out of it. Only the wet towel had water.

We learned about evaporation by observing how water dries when it is exposed to air.

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