Monday, April 4, 2016

Home Learning: Water #11

Here is a recent journal entry Big Sister wrote about a Homeschoolers meet-up by the nearby creek. In it, she wrote about finding a tadpole, a turtle, and a crayfish. The discoveries of this creatures left her with questions regarding what happens to these animals during the winter months. 
It was a perfect questions during a water unit!

Our next experiment helped us demonstrated one of the fascinating properties of water. First we created a portable water habitat. The kids placed rocks, turtles, "crayfish," and fish replicas in a container that we later filled with water. 

We placed the container in the freezer, and waited to see how water was going to transform. 
After a while, we checked on the experiment and noticed frost on the sides of the container.  The water was getting colder, but it was still in its liquid state.   
About another hour or two later, we checked on our experiment.  We found ice!

The kids were able to see that water freezes from the top first.  They poked the ice and made holes to feel the liquid water underneath.  Above you can see how Big Sister was able to remove a piece of the frozen layer.  We were able to see how life can survive the winter months. The ice layer protects the animals from the exposure to the colder temperatures. 

We read a short story about a pond through the seasons, and the kids wrote about their observations. 

I cut and pasted pictures to create their observation/coloring sheet.  Based on their writing, I was able to see what they had learned from the experiment. 
We also continued to use our vocabulary chart to add water related words. 


  1. Me encanta el experimento!! pero mucho más las observaciones!!! Precioso!!


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