Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Home Learning: Water #9 Review

The past few weeks have been a bit hectic around here.  I was substituting for two teachers that went on vacation.  The kids have been in my classes, and also trying out two Mandarin teachers.  
We are probably half way through our water related experiments.  The kids and I have been talking about how fun some of the experiments were, and decided to try some of them again.  We added, or changed a few things to revisit some of their favorite activities. 

We went back to Sink and Float to experiment with water density. 

I pulled out the pieces from our fabric unit (see here).   (fleece, burlap, knit cloth, seersucker, sparkle organza, nylon, terrycloth, denim, satin, and corduroy)

The kids revisited this activity paying attention to the water reactions.  Some water was absorbed immediately, some was absorbed slowly.  Some drops bead up, while others spread on the fabric. 

Here you can see all the tested fabrics.

Next, we repeated the red hot water challenge.This time we used a bigger container to be able to see the red water rising.

We explore mixing substances in water. 

This time we used salt, sugar, pepper, oil (again), and food coloring.

In their journal Little Guy wrote that he wanted a Lego inspired bedroom.  Big Sister wrote about our neighbor who hid  Easter eggs in our yard. 
Both kids wrote about playing Mario on the wii. 

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