Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Home Learning: Water #7

  Our experiment for the day was all about what happens to water when it becomes warmer or colder. 
First, we made a room temperature solution using green food coloring. 

The kids poured the room temperature water in the glass jar, placed the straw, and covered the jar with the stopper.  Finally, Big Sister marked the water level on the straw. 

I encouraged the kids to move the jar to make sure it was not going to leak.  This step also proves that the water will remain in the same level. 

Big Sister placed the jar in hot water. After 3 minutes, we saw the water expand, and the water level became higher.  She also marked the new water level.  We talked about how the water molecules were getting very hot and needed more space.  

Next, Little Guy placed the jar in icy water.  After a few minutes, we saw the water contracting.  It passed the room temperature level and kept on contracting. Finally, Little Guy marked how low the water level became. As we waited, we talked about how our own bodies tent to contract (hug ourselves) when we are cold. 

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