Thursday, March 31, 2016

Home Learning: Water #10

In this investigation, we were going to observe water as ice. The kids get really excited to see all the materials they need to prepare to do the experiment. 

They measured water equally in two cups.   

They also filled up two small vials.

Finally, they filled up two big syringes.  

They prepared clear, and blue ice cubes.

One tray with items stayed in their learning room.  The other tray went to the freezer.  

After a some hours, we pulled the tray out of the freezer and stated comparing what happened to the water as it turned into ice. 

The syringes originally had 25 ml.  As the water expanded as it froze, the syringe showed 28 ml. 

The vials  gave us another clear view of how water expands as it freezes. The frozen water pushed the cap off, and the plastic vial changed its shape. Little Guy noticed that the bottom protruded a tiny bit.  
Next I asked if the ice cube was going to be less or more dense then the water.  Both kids held the cube in their hands and decided that it was more dense. Then when they dropped the cube in the water, they realized that it was less dense as it floated at the top. 

We also used their little balance to see which one was heavier.  The liquid 100 ml water was heavier than the 100 ml of frozen water. 

We used the blue ice cubes to show the unusual tendencies of water.  When the water is frozen it is less dense.  But when it is just cold, it is more dense and it sinks.  We were able to see that cold water sank with the blue streaks going down. 


  1. Isn't water fascinating?! I love your colour-coordinated photos. :)

  2. Yes! It is fascinating! I have never been happy in bad weather, but in the last few days we have been enjoying hail, and snow. I have learned with my kids to pay attention to details, and to be amazed by nature.
    Thanks for your comment. It means a lot to me.


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