Monday, March 14, 2016

Home Learning: Water #6

We took our learning to the kitchen. Our goal: experiment with water's solvent properties.  We read about water being the universal solvent and wanted to give it a try. 

The challenge was to find four things they wanted to try to dissolve in water.  If the substance was dissolved completely, it was a solution (a special type of mixture).  If the substance was not dissolved, it was simply a mixture. 

Little Guy picked olive oil, pancake mix, maple syrup, and salt. Big Sister picked baby powder, corn syrup, corn flour, and powder dish washing detergent. 

Here is a picture of their individual set up. 

Above, Little Guy was adding oil to the water.  He found his first mixture. 

Big Sister started with the corn syrup.  After a few stirs, it was a clear solution.  

Baby powder was more of a mystery to us. It was chosen by Big Sister out of her own curiosity.  She stirred for a while but it was not getting completely dissolved. After a few long tries, she declared it a mixture.   

The pancake mix was a cloudy solution. 

Corn flour didn't dissolve completely.  It was declared a mixture.

Both kids got a chance to draw their findings, to add to their water folder.

Little Guy was very happy to clean the cups. 

Here is a picture of their recordings.

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  1. Eso!! Me encantan los experimentos! muy interesante!! se parecen a mi princesa, ahora todo lo que trabajamos, lo dibuja!! para hacer su explicación. Gracias por compartirlos!


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