Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Home Learning: Water #2

On our second day of learning about water, we started to use the experiments from the FOSS Science unit.  As I mentioned before, I was able to teach this unit during my teaching years.  What I liked about the FOSS modules is that they are truly hands on. The kids are presented with an idea, or encourage to come up with a question, and then they go figure it out by doing an experiment.  
The materials are relatively simple, but the discoveries, and the experiences are priceless!
Above, the kids were practicing how to use a dropper.  They needed to be skillful in releasing a drop at a time. 

The goal of this investigation is to see how water interacts with different materials.  They already knew that water as a liquid can change its shape, but this time they were going to see how.
First, they placed water drops on waxed paper.  They discovered that water doesn't get to be absorbed. Instead, the water beads up, and forms domes. 

After some predictions, we tried placing drops on a paper towel.  They learned that it becomes absorbed, and it spreads on the paper. They also noticed how water didn't bead up on the paper towel.

Next, we tried placing drops on aluminium foil.  In this case water didn't get absorbed, but it also didn't bead up.  Little Guy noticed that he couldn't drag the drops around as he had done when using the waxed paper.

Finally, they placed drops on regular white paper. The water was not absorbed immediately like with the paper towel. The water made marks on the paper that you can see on the second picture.  
I love how this experiments bring so much joy to my little scientists.  

Here are all the materials we used for the experiments. 
The kids learned to make predictions, and test them. They learned about water properties, and look forward to more experiments. 

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