Friday, March 11, 2016

Home Learning: Water #5

Both kids are loving learning about water.  Above, you can see their latest journal entries. Both of them wrote about their favorite experiment. Big Sister decided to include them all.  Little Guy illustrated the experiment with the balloons.  

We were having a very pleasant weather-wise day.  We took the learning to the outdoors.
For the day's experiment we worked on moving the little domes on the tray.  The task was to figure out a way to move the domes from one edge of the tray to the other edge.  They were trying to make big domes and move them with the dropper.  

Next, we talk about a slope, and how water moves downhill. They got some books and created a slope to give it a try. They discovered that depending on the size of the dome, the water moved in different speeds. Bigger domes moved faster.

They took it up a notch, and combined their books, and found a post-it stack to make an steeper slope.  Then they raced their domes.  We (yes me included) discovered the importance of the height in which the drops were released.  If it was too high, the drops will splatter and not form a dome.  If too low, they lack the power to move fast.  We had to find the perfect spot to release each drop.

Talking about slopes, we talked about how water runs down our slope in the backyard.  They decided to give our natural slope a try too. We used wax paper to help the domes move without being absorbed by  the ground.  It was a lot of fun! 


  1. Now I know why I couldn't find wax paper. Dad

  2. =) Dear husband, so sorry we took the wax paper. We love you!

  3. jajajaja, que divertido!! como se entera de las cosas!!! jajajaja!! Me fascina lo que están haciendo!!! y me fascina tu patio!!!! Que rico cuando la temperatura te permite usarlo para aprender!!! Un abrazo


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