Monday, March 7, 2016

Home Learning: Water #1

March is a very exciting month.  We look forward to springtime, and Little Guy turning 5!  
This week we started learning about water.  During our trip to Medellín, the kids truly loved the water museum.  They asked to learn about water at home.  Mostly they want to do experiments.  I looked through my things, and pulled out a water unit I used while teaching in Chicago. 

We started by talking about the blue planet. This cute picture shows the kids touching their little feet while coloring a picture of earth. We used the sand globe to see, and feel the textures for water and earth. 

From basic geography, we moved to chemistry.  I showed them the tray above. It had three bowls, and in them, three white balloons. Each balloon contained water in its three different states.

After popping the water-as-a-gas balloon, we talked about clouds, and vapor. We used a simple chemistry model to move the water molecules around without getting too close to each other. 

Next, we moved to the balloon with water-as-a-liquid.  The kids held it, squished it, and off course, spilled it.  We attached several of the water molecules to show how they would be in the liquid state.  I encouraged the kids to move the molecules to demonstrate how liquid water is flexible, and therefore can change its shape. 

Finally, we used the water-as-a-solid balloon. I placed the water balloon in the freezer the day before. We added even more water molecules.  Our goal was to build a structure that would make the connections stronger, and difficult to move.  Once they opened the balloon, they saw how ice's shape didn't change.

We had plenty of time for some silliness.

At the end of our session, while the kids were writing on their journal, Little Guy gave me an amazing surprise.  He simply told me that he didn't need help anymore.  He is confident about his own writing abilities. From now on, both of my kids will be independent writers.


  1. Súper!!! esa desmostración el agua en sus tres estados en globos!!! Me encanta!!! super divertido!! Te felicito!!


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