Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vacation Learning: Colombia #7 Medellín

Time truly flies when you are having fun on vacation.  Two weeks after the start of our trip, we were heading over to Medellín for our last destination before returning home.
Our first adventure in Medellín was to visit the Parque Explora.  We were welcome by real sized dinosaurs statues, and even a T-Rex head that doubled as a slide! 

Inside the park we were treated to learn about Colombia. 

We visited the aquarium.  I had a hard time taking pictures, but let me tell you that it was beautiful. Above you can see Big Sister by one of the many sea water tanks.  Next, both kids were looking down from the upper floor to another giant tank with fish bigger than Little Guy!

Little Guy was thrilled to find a section of the museum for his little entomologist soul.  He was able to identify many species of Colombian's arthropods in the displays, and inside the live habitats 

He was also lucky to find an ant hill for viewing.   He saw the very same ants he ate in Bucaramanga. 

Next we went to the Life Physics building.  In it, we found experiments and experiences to teach us about how things work.  We joined a guide to learn about bubbles. 

The kids and I used the equipment to test our balance, body strength, speed, etc. There was a lot to do for children and grown-ups alike.

We moved to the Mind, the World Inside: Exhibition Hall. We learned about the brain, its size, and how it helps us think, dream, perceive and communicate.  To trick or brain, we were asked to challenge our previous knowledge with a twisted reality. We drank water from a fountain shaped like a toilet!  Many of the experiences tested our memory, challenged our thinking, and trick our senses.  This building was a non stop action.  Since I was so engrossed with all the experiences I forgot to take pictures. Above, you can see just the entrance to it.  Little guy was looking at a display of human, and different animals' brains.  On top of the display you can see the neurons that are connected all through the building. 

In another building, we found a Colombian food exhibit.  This display presented the origin of ethnic foods from the source. Not only were we able to see a replica of the final dish or dessert, we were able to trace it back to the plants that produced its ingredients. 

The last building is called the Digital Territory.  The kids got to play with their shadows, created a movie with animations, hosted a TV show, and learn about technology in general.  We enjoyed taking repeated pictures and then watching them as they became short clips. 

On our way out, we enjoyed all the experiences outdoor.  Little Guy biked to make a wave, Big Sister filled the funnel to created a design, and both of them were shooting water to a target.
I think Explora Park is enough of a reason to visit Medellín!

Here is Big Sister's journal entry from our visit to Explora park.


  1. I have a Colombian friend who visits there regularly but I've never been, so I'm especially enjoying these posts. Lots of learning and lots of fun, as usual I see! :)

  2. Hi Lucinda,
    Yes! Hence, we call it Vacation Learning! It was a lot of fun. I am missing everyone, and also all the food.


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