Saturday, February 20, 2016

Vacation Learning: Colombia #6 Bucaramanga

We visited the town of Giron.  A small cute town near Bucaramanga.  I love this type of town with their white fronts, little balconies, cobblestones, and mountain views. 

We visited the Minor Basilica.  Inside, this beautiful church has gorgeous paintings Big Sister fell in love with. The architectural and interior design were astonishing. 

This is the main plaza.  The kids immediately found a friend, and decided to play soccer together.

The next day, we headed over to Parque Acualago.  A water park that includes a small natural water reserve.  The kids loved it!  It has all the the attractions a water park in Wisconsin Dells, dubbed the Waterpark Capital of the World, has. With a lazy river, wave pools, vertical drops, cyclones, tunnels, tornado rides, plus so much more, we couldn't explore it all. 

On our last day in the area, we visited an aviary.  It has many species of exotic birds including the pheasants above. This rainbow pheasants should be named the symbol of the nation as it has bright beautiful feathers in the same colors as the Colombian flag.  Also, on its neck, the bird has feathers that look exotically like the Colombian sombrero vueltiao.  

Big Sister enjoyed the selection of peacocks.  

She collected feathers to look like one.

The aviary counted with different areas for the kids to play.  It included a playground made of old tires brightly painted, a swing line, and insect sculpture parks.

Above, Big Sister was illustrating her journal by drawing from a picture I took at the water park.  Little Guy wrote in his journal about playing with his cousin, and the slides.

This is Big Sister's journal from the day we visited the aviary. She still has a feather from the white peacock. 

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