Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vacation Learning: Colombia #3 Barranquilla

¡Quien lo vive es quien lo goza!
Here is a saying from my home town.  It lets everyone know that you can only truly enjoy the carnaval if you are there.  
I was excited to give my kids the opportunity to experience this cultural event.  Although carnavals are not for children (security reasons), I was able to take them to the Children's carnaval.  It was a beautiful parade filled with young children from all backgrounds representing their schools, neighborhoods, or community centers. Their dancing skills and energy are impressive.  I once participated in a similar event and I remember all that goes behind it.  

Before the Children's carnaval, we visited La Casa del Carnaval.  It is a very tiny museum with Carnaval's history and some fun interactive displays.  Above, Little Guy was walking around the different masks used during the parades.  Next, both kids were "trying on outfits" and then some masks. 

We also visited Divercity (more about it on an upcoming post) were Big Sister was able to participate on a parade.  She enjoyed dancing in the little streets. 

This parade is for children, and performed by children.  I was speechless looking at kids as young as 2 years old dancing in the streets on a very sunny and hot day.  The one thing I kept on seeing over and over, were their beautiful smiling faces.  This is their culture, and they are sure proud of it!


The kids' journaled about the Children's Carnaval.  For me it is interesting to hear them talk, and see them write about what caught their attention. Both kids really like La danza de Son de Negro because of the young children dressed and painted completely black.

 Little Guy also liked the young acrobats dancing on top of poles.  Big Sister like the headdresses with feathers, and the children musicians. She also remembered the foam spectators were using for fun.  She was covered with it.  

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