Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vacation Learning: Colombia #2 Barranquilla

Parque de Buenavista

I grew up in Barranquilla.  Back then, it was a small coastal city in a third world country.  This time around, I found a growing city with shopping centers bigger than the ones here! The infrastructure has change tremendously.  Modern buildings are everywhere, and the public areas have been completely upgraded.  I found beautiful playgrounds all over the city.  I was impressed and proud.  The kids truly enjoy playing with their cousins.

Parque del Golf

Buenavista Shopping Mall
All around the city we found decorations, and reminders of the upcoming carnaval.  At the mall, we saw many outfits used by the carnival's queens from the previous years.

Colegio Nuestra Señora de Lourdes

Just out of curiosity, I visited my school.  I found out that the girls-only catholic school still has uniforms (Can you believed I wore that from pre-K until 11th grade?).  I was able to greet several of my old teachers, and my kids enjoyed  playing in the same lovely grounds. 
Above you can see Little Guy running around chasing doves in the same area where I used to have lunch every day.  Next, you can see me in between two current students.  The lady with the white shirt used to be my teacher!

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