Sunday, February 14, 2016

Vacation Learning: Colombia #1 Cartagena

During the next few days, I will be posting pictures and sharing information from our trip to my homeland: Colombia. This last-minute trip turned out to be a wonderful cultural experience. 

Our trip started in Cartagena.  We flew on a Spirit plane offering an unbeatable deal.  We took a single checked bag, and returned with three backpacks (hint: personal items are free).  We didn't go to Colombia to shop, we went to spent time with family, eat delicious food, and explore the area.
 The walled colonial city is still standing tall, and beautiful, while the tourist areas are blooming all around it.  We stayed in Cartagena for a short time.  Nevertheless, we had a chance to enjoy the beach.

We didn't take the kid's journals with us.  But have started writing in them.  Here is the first entry:

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