Saturday, January 23, 2016

Home Learning: 2/20/16 TEETH

Big Sister came back from Colombia without a tooth.  In the days following our return, we continue to talk, and learn about teeth.  Above, thanks to Karen, I was able to get a set of cards to study the parts of the tooth.  Big Sister found each label, and the description to match the image. She also used the tooth replica to identify each part.

Big Sister colored her own tooth with all of its parts.

We read the bilingual book Antojitos for Dientes Sanos (Snacks for Healthy Teeth).  I put this little activity together using a lot of miniature food items we had at hand.
  I placed all the items in the red tub, and gave them two felt pieces to select good, and not so good snacks for their teeth. 

According to my children, the good foods are on the green felt piece.  The not-so-good for our teeth foods are on the blue piece..

Next, the kids went to the kitchen and picked a few things. We wanted to see how they turn out in our mouths.  They picked cookies, crackers, chocolate, dried cranberry, apple, chocolate, strip of bell pepper, and a chewing strips.

They loved crushing the food.  They were able to see how chocolate, raisins, and the chewy strips sticks a lot more than the other items. 

After the experiment, we did a lot of teeth cleaning.  We started by seeing how simply using water helps reduce build up of food in our gums, and teeth. Next, they brushed the teeth, and even used mouth wash. 

Big Sister got a mirror to copy her teeth on our learning jaw.  She remember to take her lower incisor out.  

She made her current smile!

Little Guy was reading a very cute book about a loose tooth. 

We already moved all the teeth materials to the practical activities area. They are free to go and continue to explore the books and items. 

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