Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Home Learning: 1/18/16 INSECT

We finished our insect study a few days ago.  Above there is a picture of Little Guy's journal.  He wrote about a story we read of a brave little Mexican ant who saves her hungry colony. Next, you see a collection of books we need to take back to the library.  We are very lucky to be able to find these wonderful resources in Spanish. Finally, Little Guy was using the three-parts cricket cards.  We were told the crickets will only last a week on December 17th.  It is January 19th and we still have one left!

Big Sister has been working on Colombian maps.  Above, she was putting together a puzzle of the 5 regions. 

She also use another puzzle map to learn about the "departamentos" (states) and their capitals. 

This one is by far my favorite picture book.  It is based on a folkloric song from my hometown.  It was turned into a funny story that makes us laugh and sing along. This time, Big Sister is able to read it on her own. 

Little Guy was making the airport puzzle. The puzzle and the book pictured have been a fabulous, and very useful investment. I pulled them out just before we go on a trip.

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