Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Home Learning early January 2016 INSECTS

The days have gone by slowly over here.  It is gloomy, and very cold outside.  Inside, the kids are a little sick, but still busy learning about bugs. Above you can see Little Guy spelling on his own.  

He used insect stamps to transfer the names to his notebook.  

Big Sister decided to do the same and practice her cursive writing.  

She also used the stamps. She colored them to match the replicas.  
She enjoys the flow of the cursive writing.  She loves how it makes her feel older.

We did a small art project using paint, stamps and ink.

Here is our meadow.  It is on the learning room's wall.

We have talked about arthropods.  We made a tree to see the different species.  It included arachnids, insects, millipedes, etc.  They use the felt pieces to be the leaves of the tree.  

They used the book to check where each animal needed to go. We ended up with a lot of insect types.

This was a simple activity for Little Guy. He matched the insect to each of the felt pieces. 

I also took these real bugs set. This time Big Sister read the book, and directed Little Guy to place each specimen above its name.

We also pulled out the butterfly construction pieces just for fun.

We found the game Engineering Ants at target for a discount price.  Little Guy enjoys building, but as a family we have not gotten to play following the rules.  Instead, we talk about the obstacles, and try to make fun things with the building pieces. I will add a picture of our models soon. 

Finally, it has been a lot of fun to hear both kids reading in Spanish.  They are learning a lot of new information on their own.  I just sit quietly, and take a few pictures. 
Above, they were reading about the praying mantis.
I know that just like learning about horses, learning about insects is going to be a topic we will revisit often. 


  1. Me encanta esta unidad!! Todo esta bello!!, el mural, el árbol!! todo precioso y espectacular como siempre!!! abrazos

  2. Gracias. Pronto voy a agregar fotos e informacion sobre el museo de antropologia.

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