Saturday, January 23, 2016

Home Learning: 1/22/16 TEETH

Today we continue exploring teeth. We used a tooth foam model and a little teeth puzzle.

The teeth puzzle comes with blood vessels, nerves, gums, jawbone and cross sections showing two types of roots.  In the tooth section you can separate the pulp cavity, and distinguish the dentin, and enamel.  Above you can see how some of the pieces come apart.

Here you can see how the pieces fit together.  It includes a see through cross section to complete the whole tooth.

The finish puzzle from EIN-O's Teeth and Gums model. We absolutely love it!  

Big Sister talking about and comparing the teeth.

Later on, she went back to our clear jaw to see how all teeth come together, and to compare the roots. Her wiggly tooth is getting ready to come out, and we are all excited about it.  
Although we still have a lot to learn about teeth, we will be taking a travel break.  I hope to share more activities and materials when we get back.

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