Friday, January 22, 2016

Home Learning: 1/21/16 TEETH

For today we explored the different types of teeth.  We started with a three part card deck. I included incisors, canines, premolars, molars and gums.   

We used the teeth model to bite our own fingers and see the marks that were left.  Incisors made lines, canines made puncture-like dots, and the molars made several indentations.  It was a bit painful, but very educational.

We moved on to try it on play doh.  Above you can see what the incisors teeth do to a ball of play doh.  They cut it!

The molars smashed it leaving prints but no cuts. 

To demonstrate what each type of tooth does, we used several tools, and food items.  For the incisors, we used tweezers. For the canines, we used a stapler remover.  For the premolars, we used pliers.  Finally for the molars we used a mortar and a pestle. 

We started with "incisors" ripping pieces of an apple.

Big Sister used her own incisors to put her learning to the test.

We also tried cutting a carrot.

Then we tried the stapler remover or our canines.  It tore the apple apart and made holes, but did not break it into small pieces. 

Little Guy wanted to try the "canines" on a gummy.  He really just wanted to eat it.

For the premolars, our pliers, we smashed a Graham Cracker to almost dust.

Finally, we crushed almonds with the mortar and pestle just like the molars would do.

The kids loved this activity, and have asked to do it again tomorrow. 

Since they used the teeth model, they had to clean it!  They already knew how much toothpaste to place on the toothbrush from the previous day.  

We talked about the 45 degree angle they need to use to protect their gums, and keep teeth clean.  We talked about how it is important to clean the front, back, sides and tip of every tooth.

Oh YES! they rinse their teeth too.  At this point we were talking about how they need to be careful not to swallow toothpaste. 


Thank you for sharing!