Thursday, January 21, 2016

Home Learning: 1/20/16 TEETH

Today the kids had a blast with the dentist play doh set.  They made teeth, a tongue, toothpaste and even an uvula.

In the book What If You Had Animal Teeth, children are asked what would happened if once their baby teeth fall out they end up with animal teeth.  What if we ended up with tusks, fangs, and powerful forever-growing teeth?
I had the book and a little basket with animal replicas to explore. 

The book is rich on interesting facts like how often sharks change their teeth, how strong an elephant tusk could be, and even how a rattle snake's teeth work. 

The last activity for the day was to make a pea size toothpaste application. I used golf tees on a sponge that I had arranged for an earlier exercise.  I used a sample toothpaste we got from the dentist (we prefer Colgate over here).  Above, you can see Little Guy squishing the toothpaste, and then cleaning each tee with a wipe.  

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