Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Home Learning: 1/19/16 TEETH

Big Sister has her first wiggly tooth. She is 6 years and three months.  We have been talking about teeth for a while since many of her friends have lost a tooth, or have wiggly ones too. With the little time left before our trip, I decided to put together a mini teeth study.  Above you can see the materials that I gathered.  On top you can see books I found at our local library.

Next, since Big Sister chose it already today, let me tell you about this cute hands-on learning tool. My husband found the EIN-O's box kit for teeth similar to this one. Note: ours says teeth instead of teeth care, and was $8 at a teacher store.

It comes with 32 permanent (removable) teeth, lower and upper jaws, base, support rod, and a little guide. In this picture, Big Sister was pulling the teeth apart.

She decided to arranged them on her own. 

Both kids worked on putting the teeth in the jaws.

I read them a book about why it is very important to floss everyday.  Little Guy decided to floss the model.

I will be adding more images and descriptions of the other materials as we get to use them.


  1. OMG! me encanta la tablilla!! Espectacular!

  2. Ya se le callo el diente. Ahora tiene otro flojo.


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