Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year 2016! INSECTS

For Christmas, Little Guy received a few sets of replicas for the life cycles of insects.  I prepared cards for them to explore the different stages. 

I had two insects ready at a time to let them explore, and compare.  Here is Big Sister working on the stag beetle life cycle.

Little Guy and I worked on the ant's life cycle.

Both kids got Dover insect stickers.  They have been working on a small insect book.

This is a random picture of them being busy.  Big Sister was writing in her journal.  Little Guy was reading to himself.

Big Sister wrote about her wiggly tooth. In the picture, I was the sad lady telling her that my little girl is growing much too fast. 

For Math, Little guy counted insects, and used geometric shapes.

Here are two more life cycle sets from another day.  First, Little Guy was arranging the mosquito stages. Next, Big Sister was using the bee's life cycle.  I placed two 1000 cubes to explained how many eggs a queen bee can have at a time.

Both kids were reading non-fiction books about the insects.

Happy New Year!

During the break, we watched ant-man.  I actually liked it very much.  I loved how Little Guy was able to recognized the bullet, red fire, carpenter, and army ants from our trip to Costa Rica.  If you want to learn about the ants in the film go to Entomologist's Scientific review of "Ant-Man"  
Little Guy wrote about the movie in his journal.

Big Sister wanted to write about our family superstitious ritual for the New Year celebration. We ran around the house, this year all of us, to symbolize our desire to travel together.

Here are two more life cycle sets: moth and butterfly.

The kids decided to trade materials.

We pulled out our Venn diagram and, after reading a few books about moths and butterflies, the kids came up with the differences, and similarities.

Finally, they wrote the facts that interested them the most on their insect learning folder. 


  1. Hi again! Feliz Año! Ever since I found your blog a few months ago I have been so inspired! I have even decided to use the Montessori approach with my own kids! I really knew nothing about it before now, but after seeing all the manipulatives you use, I fell in love with it! I did a lot of research over Christmas break on the Montessori method and I am starting to gather what I need to start. I think what is most attractive to me that both my boys will be able to participate, not just the school age one. I’m going to start with a lot of the sensory, practical and fine motor activities as a lot of those I’ve been able to DIY from things I already have around the house. I did order the Spanish movable alphabet from Allisonmontessori because that is one of the things I saw on your blog that I really loved! I also learned about the Safari toobs from you---what an awesome resource. My boys love animals and insects so I hope to do a lot with those. Anyway, thanks for blogging!!! You’ve given me so many ideas and I can’t wait to start.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for your kind words! I am glad that I was able to inspire you. I learned a ton from other bloggers too (check out I am by no means an expert in the Montessori approach; but I like how it has helped us cultivate independence, self directed, and interest based learning in our homeschool. Have fun starting up!

    2. Thanks for the blogsite. Have you come across any websites that have printable 3-part cards in Spanish?

    3. Michelle,
      I have received 3 part cards from Karen at miescuelitamontessori. I also created a template that is easy to use. I can send it to you if you like. Just send me your e-mail and I will send the file with the images you can use (I have images for the botany puzzles:tree, root, flower, and leaf; parts of the fish, ladybug, dolphin, and teeth). Once you have a template and the images, it is really easy to create the cards.


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