Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Home Learning: November 2015

 November simply flew by. I am adding a few pictures of the kids' work in the learning room. We basically dedicated our time to learn about what we had experienced, encountered, and enjoyed during our trip to Costa Rica.
The kids have been writing in their journals about their adventures. Looking at the view from their window you can see that we already had our first snowfall!

They have been using books from the library to learn about the animals we encountered like the sloths, jellyfish, and tapirs. 

They used this activity a few times when talking about the different layers of the forest, and the animals that reside in each one.

Just for fun, they continue to use the lego creator.  It was very appropriate for the topic. 

We also had to try to make a volcano.  We bought a kit that started from mixing the plaster in the mold.  The kids got to paint it and prepare the chemicals for the eruption.

It was a lot of fun for them.  We made it erupt a few times.

For a fine motor activity for Little Guy, he attached pins to his rug.

Next, he spelled the named of the animal and copied it to his notebook.

Their journals are filling up with memories they treasure.  I love seeing and hearing about what made an unforgettable impact during our trip.  Above you can see Little Guy's entries from the sloth sanctuary. and Braulio Carrillo. Also, Big Sister wrote about the hanging bridges by the Arenal volcano, and the horses that escaped from their stalls in Platanar.  

Here are her memories from being a volunteer at Proyecto Asis, the waterfall in La Fortuna, finding dolphins in Manzanillo, and the sloth sanctuary.

Today (Dec 1st), we put all the Costa Rica materials away to give room to other interests.  

Besides remembering Costa Rica, the kids have been taking violin and swimming lessons. For Violin, they started playing on a box like in the picture above.  They have graduated to play a real violin.  
In swimming, Big Sister made it to join the recreational swim team.  She is excited to begin training. 


  1. Me encanta todos lo que tienes de rain forest!@!! donde conseguiste lo que parece un pop out??,

  2. Lo compré en una libreria en Cancún =). No es un libro pop-up. Es un set en una caja que se abre y se transforma en el panorama. lo busque en google y aquí lo puedes comprar: http://www.abebooks.com/9786076180150/Selva-Tropical-Rain-Forest-Aventura-6076180153/plp o aquí: http://www.amazon.com/Selva-Tropical-Rain-Forest-Adventure/dp/6076180153 Se llama aventura animal, selva tropical by Silver Dolphin en español


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