Friday, December 18, 2015

Home Learning: middle of December INSECTS

Little Guy told me we couldn't continue to study leaves.  When I asked him why he simply said: "we don't have anymore."
We have moved everything related to trees out of the learning room.  We will revisit our tree study in the spring. 

 Little Guy loves insects.  In fact, now days he will tell you he wants to be an entomologist.  With the days turning colder outside, a few bugs have decided to join our family indoors. We started a new learning folder, and off we went to learn about insects. 

The kids were at the library reading insect books.  The kids also listened to my reading and then pointed out, and wrote the names of different types of insects.  Our goal is to come up with at least one insect per letter in the Spanish alphabet. 

At home, they took out the pink tower and the brown stairs to build a structure for the insect replicas. 

Here is a simply tray activity to separate insects from other types of animals. 

We used this poster to label the parts of the grasshopper after reading a book about the parts of insects.

In math, the kids were comparing the weights of pretend insects. 

Above, Little Guy is writing the names of insects on his alphabet sheet.

Both kids were picking books to read, and observing the insect replicas from Safari toobs. 

Inside their folders they added, colored and labeled a picture of a cricket.  Big Sister used my kindle to find the real color. Little Guy used his cricket replica. 

This was another tray activity. Little Guy sorted the pretend bugs by color, and by insect type.

And, off course we had to get some real insects!
We went to a local pet shop and bought 12 crickets for $1.20.

This is the cricket habitat the kids created. They crickets really like going inside the igloo.

Little Guy is super excited to hold, and care for the crickets. 

Insects are the very first topic I have selected based on Little Guy's interest alone.  But just like his sister's interest, his is also very contagious.  Big Sister is thrilled to have the insects at home. She even climbed on top of the table to observe them closely.   

We also have a ladybug habitat for the ladybugs we found near our windows.

And, we also have several boxelder bugs from our unfinished basement. 


  1. Me encanta el estudio de los insectos!!! Little guy, es un niño muy sabio!! Te voy a enviar por email, material en español de insectos!! Me encantaría tener esos dias frios que tienen ustedes!!! jajajjaa y a mis chicas les encantaría ir es a biblioteca!!! Un abrazo!!

  2. ¡Muchas gracias! Por acá no consigo mucho en español sobre los insectos. ¡Te cambio todo este frío por un poquito de calor Puerto Riqueño! Un día de estos cambiamos de casa por invierno =) Somos muy afortunados de vivir a unos 15 o menos minutos de tres fantásticas bibliotecas.


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