Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Home Learning: end of December INSECTS

Since Christmas is almost here, the kids are using a Santa toy to count the days on the calendar. We are still visiting the learning room regularly. We are not taking a break simply because we are enjoying our mini unit on insects. In fact, the kids even decided to wear their nature explorer vest to learn about them.

Kids taking care of their insect pets. 

Little Guy learning to draw insects. 

One of their journal entries from the past few days was about their new crickets.

I found this activity here.  We talked about attributes for the insects.  First we worked on a couple samples together (see my white board).  Next, they selected 4 to explore and record on their own.

They used the plastic bugs, hand lenses, and a printed chart. 

Here is a copy of Little Guy´s chart. He cut and glued the images of the insects he selected.  I got the images right off the safari toob website.

Because of all this bug craziness in our house, we decided to make a few holiday gifts using insect fabric.  Little Guy made a key holder for his dad.  Big Sister made a pouch for her grandpa's flashlight.  

Above is Little Guy's journal.  He wrote about what he wanted for Christmas.

Big Sister did some math using dominoes. We were reviewing the parts of an equation. 

Little Guy counted bugs using the number rods.  He ended up also creating a pattern. 

The kids used the insect puzzles: butterfly, wasp, fly, ladybug,  and dragon fly. We looked for the parts of the insect. we also learned this cute song. 

After knowing what makes an insect, they created "super insects" by mixing the puzzle pieces.  they even named them. 

Finally, we read about insect homes, and moved to the area above to place the insects. We taped all the flying ones by the tree, and buried the crawlers/jumpers in the grass. 

Later, they decided to collected them all with the red twisers. 

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