Thursday, December 17, 2015

Home Learning: early December 2015

The next few pictures are from the first two weeks in December.  
Above, Big Sister was drawing a picture of the tree she chose to follow through the seasons. She wanted to show that it didn't have any leaves left. 

Big Sister has been working on number patterns.  I gave her a few numbers.  She needed to figure out the missing ones, and the rule of the pattern. She was adding by 10's, 2's, 5's, and 3's. 

While she was busy with math, Little Guy was reading and labeling images. 

For math, Little Guy is still working on number recognition and writing practice. He used a grid, number stamps, and a pencil to stamp and trace the numbers. 

He also worked with number comparisons. We talked about equal, greater, and lesser numbers.  We used an alligator and the golden beads.

After collecting some leaves, we talked about leaves outlines and shapes.   

What is new in her journal? Big Sister wrote about our visit to Chicago, her belated birthday celebration, her new violin class, and the recreational swim team. 

What is new in his journal? Little Guy wrote about playing the violin, bugs, and our Christmas tree.

They wrote about the candy they used to decorate their gingerbread houses. 

Finally, Big Sister worked on some more math.  She was counting coins. I set up the coins in two columns. She recorded the amounts on the blank post-it. Then, she connected the equal amounts using ribbon strips.  This exercise helped her count the coins, and realize that there are several ways to show the same amounts. 

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