Monday, November 9, 2015

Vaction Learning: Costa Rica #15

Besides wanting to see wild dolphins, Big Sister also wanted to ride a horse by the beach.  Well, Costa Rica is the land where dreams came true for her!  We were picked up at the hotel to be taken to Brigitte's farm.  On the ride, the kids were excited to share the back seat with Brigitte's dog Scottie.

Big Sister was on her own horse.  Little Guy rode with me, and my husband rode on his own.  We had Sr. Raúl as our guide. He was a very kind, encouraging, and patient guide. 

Big Sister was following second in line. She loved it!
By the way, we were at Playa Negra just north of Cahuita.  It is another truly beautiful beach.

After a few tips from Sr. Raúl, Big Sister was able to take the horse in the water on her own. 

She can check that dream off her bucket list!

After a two hour ride, the kids got to wash, and brush the horse.  
This experience was all about Big Sister and her love for horses.

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