Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vacation Learning: Costa Rica #10

For our last night in near the Arenal, we stayed at Volcano Lodge.  It was an excellent last minute deal. 

The kids loved the playground!

The grounds were beautifully maintained with tropical fruits, and flowers.  Little Guy wanted to pick and eat their bananas. 

We were able to see the Arenal Volcano later in the day, and early the next morning.  It is covered with clouds the rest of the day.  Above, you see the view from the pool area. 
By the way, notice the tips of the volcano. It is an stratovolcano with a side vent.  It is not active, but you can still see a little smoke coming out. It is just steam.  I was lucky enough see it while active in 2008. At that time, I was able to see the lava flow at night.  To me, waterfalls, and volcanoes are just beautiful!

The kids had a blast playing hide-and-seek while I admire the volcano from our back porch.

After all the playing and a nice dinner, we headed to the hotel's hot springs.

Unlike bigger places like Tabacón or Baldi that sell daily passes, the Volcano Lodge only allows its guests to use the springs.  We ended up enjoying the springs all on our own for quite a while.  This is why I love to travel during the low season!  

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