Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Vacation Learning: Costa Rica #9

My husband took an early flight out of Chicago, then another flight right after from Miami.  Once he got to San José he got on a car for a three hour drive through the mountains to finally be with us. We were super excited to see him!

To him it was all about this: save the American's video
Just for fun, take a look at this video behind the scenes

The following day we went to visit La Fortuna waterfall. Little Guy found a giant moth, and a snail on our path. 

Here is a view of the waterfall from the top.  

After a very difficult hike down, we made our way for a well deserved dip in the water.  

The kids were looking for fish and playing in the water.

The color you barely see on these pictures was a beautiful and bright celestial blue.

The kids moved from the shallow area to the waterfall. Visitors are able to swim near it, but with little kids, we opted against it for their safety. 


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