Sunday, November 1, 2015

Vacation Learning: Costa Rica #7

We are back home. I stopped blogging while on vacation because I was using a tablet and to publish a post, I needed to upload one picture at a time.  I decided that since I was at the Caribbean, I should act like a Caribbean.  I took it easy, and enjoyed all that was around us.

This post is for my kids.  They like looking at the pictures.  I am adding a few pictures of our last days at the horse farm near Arenal volcano. Above you can see Big Sister walking to the horse stables with the resident dog.

During one of our visits, two of the horses decided to come out of their stalls. They simply opened their gates and walked out in front of us. Big Sister tried to get them back by giving them food. 

Walking around our rental property.  The vegetation was beautiful.

Above, Big Sister was looking at one of the Percheron horses that graze in the pasture in front of our small villa. She enjoyed feeding the horses on a daily basis. 

Each kid was into their own thing. Big Sister was in love with the horses.  Little Guy got an insect identification guide, and started to look for bugs everywhere.

Little Guy with his Costa Rica's insect guide. 

Here are some of the bugs he found. Click on them to enlarge the images.

Besides horses and insects, we visited the playground, and the pool.  Without toys to play, they used pieces from a palm tree to create "boats."

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