Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Vacation Learning: Costa Rica #16

On our last morning in Cahuita, we woke up super early and were at the park's entrance as they were opening (around 6:00 am) We walked for about 7 minutes and then Big Sister spotted our first Capuchin monkey.  Its family followed him. 

A few minutes later, and we were greeted by howler or  Congo monkeys.  Both types of monkeys are very active in the morning.  The howler monkeys were making their distinctive almost eerie calls.

The day before we saw a lot of ants in line carrying their food.  This morning we saw huge ant hills, but the ants were not in their lines.  In fact, it almost looked like they dropped everything on their path and went home! A mystery for us.

We saw this flowers and were remained of our encounter with jelly fish while snorkeling.

The kids walked and played making lines on the sand with sticks.

Since Little Guy keeps on saying that he wants to be an entomologist or a superhero (spider-man is to be blamed), we focused on showing him as many insects, spiders, and bug eating creatures as we were able to find.  Here are a few: Above, Crab-like Spiny Orb-Weaver. 

Giant Grasshopper, caterpillar?, crabs.
He is currently working on a photo album to label all the creatures we found.

After our early walk, we went back to the hotel, ate breakfast, and checked out.  We were headed to San José and on our way we stopped at Braulio Carrillo National park.
Little Guy found this sign to look out for bullet ants.  

Here are two pictures with our view from the aerial tram. 

The tram was a wonderful, and relaxing experience. Since we were not part of a tour group, the place was empty of tourist but filled with wildlife. 

A sting bug, butterflies, and a caterpillar. 

And finally, the tapirs! One of them was pregnant and decided to take over the movie theater to rest and relax. She had become so popular, the park removed all the T.V. screens and allowed lucky visitor to take a closer look.  We were among the lucky ones because the tapir was there when we were visiting.  It is a free animal that can go as it pleases.

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  1. Super interesante!! ver esos insectos tan grandes y extraños en vivo!!! Wow me encantan todas las fotos!!


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