Sunday, November 8, 2015

Vacation Learning: Costa Rica #14

Our next adventure took us to meet Buttercup!  We visited the Sloth Sanctuary just north of Cahuita National Park.  Here is where they take care of all the sloth that have been injured or abandoned. If there are brought to the center older than one, they have a pretty high chance to be free as soon as they are healed. If they are younger than that, sadly they do not have the training necessary to survive on their own. 

First we visited a few sloths that were permanent residents at the center.  Above, we were learning about Toyota who was injured while hanging from electrical lines. His arm was amputated.  

Next, we learned about the babies in the nursery.  Sloths like the one above, Corazón, were dropped and abandoned by their mothers.  Sloths are actually very good mothers that will risk their lives to rescue their babies. It is just a natural selection process where a sickly, deformed, or hyperactive baby can not be taken care of. 

The tour included a guided canoe ride at a river next to the property.  Our tour guide was very nice at pointing out smaller animals near by. 

We saw a baby alligator,

a blue crane,

and the famous Green basilisk lizard that can actually walk on water.  We also saw some more howler monkeys, bats, and other birds. 
Just like the other sanctuaries, this one was all about protecting the animals and keeping them in their natural habitat.

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